About NSM

Objectives of NSM

  • To honour HM Queen Sirikit’s leadership in integrating science and technology to develop social and economic affairs, environment and quality of life of people in rural areas.
  • To stimulate and encourage the Thai society to attend and understand the importance of science towards country development, and to cultivate young generation in having positive attitude towards utilization of science and technology.
  • To develop science museums to be edutainment centers for family as well as tourism premises for both local and foreign visitors.

Roles of NSM and Delivery to Customer

  • Life-long Learning resources
  • Edutainment resources
  • Career Development premises
  • Edu-tourism Attraction places


Vision of NSM

A place where everyone can discover the wonder of science


Mission of NSM

Inspire everyone with the best learning, research and entertainment solutions

  • To inspire and raise public awareness of science
  • To provide museum services with the international standard
  • To research, collect specimens and serve the knowledge management for science communication


Core Value 

  • Wisdom: knowledge of things
  • Innovation: creativity and discovery of new things
  • Neighborly: offer the best things to customers, colleagues and society
  • Spark: spark the live


Strategic Themes

  • Strategic 1: to serve the knowledge management of science for citizens
  • Strategic 2: to create wonderful experience of innovative science
  • Strategic 3: to develop museum business
  • Strategic 4: to drive the dynamic organization in a smart strategy