NSM Launches New Virtual Museum “ScIAM Meta Museum (Beta),” To Create New Style of Science Learning

NSM Launches New Virtual Museum “ScIAM Meta Museum (Beta),” To Create New Style of Science Learning


August 14, 2023/ Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Rawivongse, president of National Science Museum (NSM) has been a chairman of a debut of “ScIAM Meta Museum (Beta)”, new virtual museum, in the National Science Fair 2023 held at Impact Mueang Thong Thani.  The new museum has been created to be a new type of virtual museum with applied technology for new approach of teaching and learning science to serve future Metaverse system. Mr.Niti Boonyakiate, director of engineering and media office, NSM and Dr.Kornchanok Sutaphaha, director of Sribunyanon School have joined in a discussion on development of a kind of virtual museum.


Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Rawivongse said “NSM has focused on development of scientific knowledge with easy access for children, youth and people. It has established a proactive virtual museum project to encourage science, technology, and innovation learning in virtual reality style for the target groups to access in every time and everywhere with easy understanding. NSM has recently developed a first virtual science museum which will cooperate with the Metaverse system, a new tech platform playing an important role in future learning.   Obviously, it has attempted to pave a learning and understanding fundamental among children, youth and people, its target groups about Metaverse platform for future science learning type.”


Mr.Niti Boonyakiate said “the ScIAM Meta Museum (Beta) has been designed to be a virtual museum run by NSM, and has been used during the outbreak of COVID-19 to encourage the target groups to learn and join scientific experiments at home through a virtual learning. The virtual museum has classified into 2 pavilions: “Once upon a time in space” which presents knowledge of space and solar system for students to easily access and understand the contents of space and astronomy, and “world of environment” which allows students to make a model of atmosphere and events caused by climate change affecting the environment along with learning causes, effects, ecology and basic survival that cannot be learned from reading or watching learning materials alone. In the system, a zone of communication between users have been designed through real-time chat systems in line with Metaverse system as well as a  collecting accumulating point system for reward redeem.”   



Dr.Kornchanok Sutaphaha said “nowadays, virtual technology has become useful and employed for current educational system both teaching and learning in different levels. This has made students to get new learning experience that is not available in academic textbooks. The ScIAM Meta Museum is a virtual tech media which students can increase their skills and experience with a variety of contents. They can select suitable activities for their interest, participation, and self-studying on innovative media.”


Dr.Rawin, NSM president added “NSM is pleased to invite everyone to try and learn with the ScIAM Meta Museum (Beta) virtual museum since it will available for visitors to visit everywhere and anytime. The virtual museum has been ready to open endless experiences to enhance the learning of youth and general public through website on sciam.nsm.or.th or application: ScIAM Meta Museum”