Information Technology Museum

Information Technology Museum


Zone 1 The Gateway to The Evolution of Information Technology:

Step into the story of the evolution of information technology which is one of the key factors that enable us to have a better quality of life and will endlessly continue to do so. 

Highlight: Innovative storyteller presents the stories of communication using cutting edge technology of light, color, and sound projecting on a modern face structure.

Zone 2 Prehistoric Communication:

Discover the beginning of communication that reveals human potential in invention through the searching for various kinds of tools and instruments to overcome the communication difficulties. Their inventions have become the first step toward information technology that has changed the world with leapfrog development.

Highlight: Recording is a method to pass on the information. Various kinds of recording methods and equipment have been invented and developed.

 Zone 3 Electronic Communications:

Discover the beginning of electronic communication after the invention of electricity and electromagnetic waves which were the major key in unlocking the gateway to innovative communication technology. The high efficiency of communication devices in this era has minimized our communication world and lessened the barrier of distance in communication.

Highlight: Enjoy the journey back to the beginning of the invention of the telephone and learn how it works as well as how it has been developed throughout the time to what we are using today    Experience working in the TV studio and learn how images, sounds, and colors can be transferred from the studio to our television screens. 

Zone 4 Calculations:

Learn about the "computational system" that makes mathematics look like a miracle that enables us to give a reliable prediction about what will happen in the future, such as natural disasters, the movement of objects in space, etc. This subject is also recognized as the most important factor in the genius invention of the world-changing technology so-called "the computer"     

Highlight:  Explore the prototype of the earliest calculation tools and instruments as well as different models of calculators that are gradually transformed into the brilliant "computer".  Learn the mechanism of the cogs and how they enable humans in calculating large numbers and complex mathematical equations.

Learn how the small electrical circuits work with logic gates, the basic building blocks of any digital system that work as if they are part of the brain inside computers and many other electronic devices.

Zone 5 Computer:

Explore the evolution of computers from mechanical computing devices to automatic computing engines.  Learn about the key components which are gradually developed to be the intelligence of computers.

Highlight: Learn the set of commands behind the complex tasks of computers.   the evolution of computer languages become more and more simple.

Zone 6 Information Technology and the Quality of Life Development

Presenting the unimaginable benefits of information technology to human life, such as medicine, education, transportation, and communication using varieties of mixed media.

Highlight: Experience navigator driving simulators that help us get to our destination.