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Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop:

Find out many various gifts and souvenirs at the Museum Shop of Science Museum, Natural History Museum and NSM Science Square at Chamchuri Square.  Some examples of interesting gifts or souvenirs are science games, T-shits, key ring, pen, science books, etc.

Special offer for fun and playful science toys and games in the price of 80 Baht. NSM member price is 75 Baht.

Books and Stamps:

Fun and attractive science books and NSM’s commemorative stamps are available at the shops.

NSM T-shirt

Many themed- science T-shirts in many styles and colours are available at the shops:

-T-shirt: 200 Baht each, NSM’s member is 190 Baht

-Polo shirt with luxury and colourful style, many types of embroideries, comfortable wear is 250 Baht each, NSM’s member is 230 baht.

Opening time of Souvenir Shop:  

- Souvenir shop at Science Museum and Natural History Museum opens daily on Tuesday-Friday, 09.30 a.m.-4.00 p.m. (Close on Monday), Tel: 0 25777 9999 ext. 1007

-Souvenir Shop at NSM Science Square, Bangkok opens daily on Monday-Friday, 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 10.30a.m. – 6.30p.m. Tel: 0 2160 5356