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Dr.Boonsong Lekagul’s animal horn gallery

Zone 5 Dr.Boonsong Lekagul’s animal horn gallery

Dr.Boonsong Lekagul’s animal horn gallery

The gallery is arranged as a memorial to Dr.Boonsong Lekagul who is the first developer for wildlife protection in Thailand. The gallery displays a set of thirty rare or extinct animal’s horn found in Thailand and other countries.

Categories of the animal’s horns

Learn about the type and category of animal’s horn which are more different than you think, for example:

  • Kouprey or Bos sauvel’s horn, a kind of ox which is rarely found in Thailand.
  • Wild buffalo’s horn which is a rarely found animal.
  • Schomburgk’s Deer horn, the most beautiful horn animal which become extinct from Thailand and other parts of the world.