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National Science Museum Thailand (NSM)’s Background
According to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s leadership in integrating science, technology, Thai art and culture to develop and improve careers and quality of life of the Thai people. In August 12, 1992, Ministry of Science and Technology was assigned from the Thai government to establish the National Science Museum Thailand or NSM to be in honour of the Fifth Anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit’s Birthday.
In the Royal Decree of Establishing the National Science Museum Thailand (January 30, 1995), NSM is established as a state enterprise under Ministry of Science and Technology to take responsible for development and management of science museums and learning centers comprising: Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Information Technology Museum and Rama IX Museum. Those museums are located in Technopolis, Klong 5, Klong Luang District, Pathumthani Province. Another learning center is NSM Science Square located at Chamchuri Square, Sam Yan, Bangkok to respond the needs of urban areas.

Objective of NSM:
• To honour HM Queen Sirikit’s leadership in integrating science and technology to develop social and economic affairs, environment and quality of life of people in rural areas.
• To stimulate and encourage the Thai society to attend and understand the importance of science towards country development, and to cultivate young generation in having positive attitude towards utilization of science and technology.
• To develop science museums to be edutainment centers for family as well as tourism premises for both local and foreign visitors.

Roles and Delivery to Customer:

  • Life-long Learning resources
  • Edutainment resources
  • Career Development premises
  • Edu-tourism Attraction places

Our Future Development Plans:

  1. Establishing A Center of Knowledge Integration and Displaying the Application of Biodiversity

Center of Knowledge Integration and Displaying the Application of Biodiversity is aimed to be a research center providing exhibitions, activities, gathering collections and references to utilization of biodiversity for improving quality of life. The services will be presented through attractive and interesting multimedia, models, demonstration, training, print media, radio and television, electronic media and information. The audience will get knowledge and apply it to increase income, reduce expenditure and extend their opportunities as indicated in country strategy. The strategy is aimed the center to be an integration of research and application of biodiversity linking with networks of research units and knowledge transfer centers nationwide as follows:

  • to be a center for conducting research, seeking, gathering, displaying and disseminating knowledge of appliance biodiversity,
  • to be a training and information service on application of biodiversity,
  • to be a center for promoting research on application of wisdoms and biodiversities in communities,
  • to be an edu-tourism premise for people, public and private organization to apply knowledge effecting to production development and improvement of quality of life as well as further R&D activities.
  1. Establishing of Innovation Museum Project

Innovation Museum is expected to be a new science, technology and innovation learning   resource in Thailand and the world which will be appropriate to all of ages and educational levels. It will be a knowledge sharing premise on science, R&D and innovation experience being useful for personnel, entrepreneurs, public and private sectors. Young generation will be able to learn and get experience related to science, technology and innovation –based careers. They can figure out themselves and alternatives of advanced education. The plan is expected to be a place for displaying R&D results and innovative prototypes for application or commercialization.

In the Fiscal Year of 2016, a feasibility study and a design of museum building and exhibition was done and approved by the National Economic and Social Committee on October 5, 2016.

Vision of NSM:

To be a leading life-long learning resource on science, technology and innovation of ASEAN

Mission of NSM:

To promote learning, create inspiration, reinforce creative thinking and raise awareness on science, technology and innovation through:

  1. develop and give services in exhibitions and learning activities in museums, learning resources and many various learning channels,
  2. conduct research and gather collections of science, technology and natural science,
  3. conduct R&D and disseminate knowledge of science communication,
  4. develop business and management systems related to science museums.