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1. Follow instructions or labels, signs or symbols on designated points in each museum.
2. Touch gently on hands-on displays, interactive monitors and equipment displaying for learning or practicing or follow the instructions on displays.
3. Do not touch objects, models and replicas on open displays to avoid damages occurred.
4. The elevators are equipped for disabled persons or in case of an emergency, and must be operated by NSM staff (only at Science Museum).
5. Food and drinks are not allowed to bring in the museums.
6. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the museums.
7. Making excessive noise or disruptive disturb behavior is prohibited in the museums.
8. Quarrel or fight in the museums is prohibited.
9. Visitors are not allowed to bring in sharp cutting-edge weapons.
10. Visitors are allowed to bring in alcohol or illegal substances.
11. Smoking in the museums is not allowed.
12. Playing gambling in the museums is prohibited.
13. Do not write on the wall of museums.
14. Be careful while using escalators and beware of knocking against glasses in the museums.
15. Visitors are not allowed to carry large properties or bags in the museums. It is recommended to leave your belonging
      at Bag Deposit Service or on your school bus. .
16. Video or movies shooting is not permitted except there is a prior written consent of NSM.
17. Visitors are not allowed to use a tripod of camera to take photo in the museums.
18. Visitors are not allowed to use any wheeled leisure equipment, for example skateboard, rollerblade, scooter, etc.