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NSM Accommodation

NSM provides an accommodation service for over-night activities, such as, Science Camp, seminar, training or any special events, etc.

NSM Building 1: a three- storey building allocating

-single bedroom for one person, 48 rooms,

-shared bedroom, 6 rooms, 84 beds.

NSM Building 2: a three-storey building allocating

-twin bedroom for two persons, 16 rooms,

-shared bedroom, 5 rooms, 130 beds.

Facilities provided in each building:

NSM Building1:

-single bedroom: bedding, wardrobe, working desk and chair.

-shared bedroom: bedding, wardrobe, chairs, a common room with a television set, desks and chairs, books and magazines.

-drinking water machine both hot and cool water at the second and third floor

-common bathroom

NSM Building 2:

-dining room at the first floor

-a VIP dining room at thefirst floor equipped with a television set

-Twin bedroom: bedding, working desk and chair, a television set, a set of towels, bathroom accessories, drinking water, a private bathroom

-shared bedroom: bedding, lockers, a common bathroom, drinking water machine  

Regulations and Prohibition for Guests

  1. Keep clean and take care your own belonging.
  2. Turn off electricity and water supply after using for safety and environmental protection.
  3. Do not leave valuables in your room. NSM will not be responsible in case of lost occurred.
  4. Return room key before 12.00 p.m. in the day of checking out. In case of lost the key, NSM have right to collect your key deposit in the charging rate announced.
  5. Report to manager of the accommodation if any equipment in the room broken down, damaged or lost. If any damage done by guest, he or she must compensate according to specified rate.
  6. Not allowed to invite other visitors into the accommodation before permission form NSM. Guest should make a request from NSM and the visitors must leave the accommodation before 8.00 p.m.
  7. Making a loud noise or any disruptive behavior which disturb other guests is forbidden.
  8. Must not remove or relocate items of furniture in the room.
  9. Not permitted to cook in the accommodation.
  10. Not allowed to bring in any weapons, illegal materials, chemicals, addictive substances and dangerous materials.
  11. Drinking alcohol or smoking is not allowed in the accommodation.
  12. Gambling is not permitted in the accommodation
  13. Not allowed to keep any pets in the room or elsewhere in the accommodation.
  14. Must not behave lasciviously in the accommodation.

NSM provides facilitating equipment and safety devices in each room as well as security guards around the accommodation.  

Room Rate:

-Single bedroom: 300 Baht per person per night.

-Shared bedroom: 200 Baht per person per night.

-Twin bedroom: (two persons per room) 800 baht per room per night, discount 10% for NSM member).

Check-In Time: check-in at 2 p.m.

Check-Out Time:  before 12.00 p.m.

Reservation can be made at Office of Business Development and Marketing, Tel: 0 25777 9999 ext. 2101, 2123 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.