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3rd Floor: Basic Science and Energy

Have a playful time doing experiment and learn about basic science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics through various work pieces, encourage your curiosity in experiment and self-learning, and get excited to explore various kind of energy in a big tunnel.  

Force and Motion

Feel amazed at gravity and solar system through a model of “motion of subjects in solar and universe system attracted by gravity to center”.  








Sliding to Slop

Learn to observe the slip of objects to consider that which kind of material surface will cause the highest friction on the object.







Rotating Electric Coil

Have fun with an experiment to pedal up a bicycle equipped with coil to produce electricity and light.









How Hot of Your Work

Try out an experiment by using each kind of material rod to rub with wool and touch with aluminum scraps, and then notice what will happen.  


Learn what you feel different and hot when placing your palm on each kind of materials.






Substances and Molecules

Enjoy playing Plasma Balls, a 4th status of substance.









Learn to measure human organs using some traditional Thai measurement such as keup (25 cm), wash (2 meters), sok (50 cm), and learn to use various measurement tools, for example, measurement with rope, ruler and light, etc.






Light Room

Get amazed with observing through mirror or reflecting shadow from mirror. What will appear?






Sound: Whispering Plate

Figure out how a parabolic bowl with a 10 meters far, made us hear a whisper of each other.







An Energy Tunnel

Learn about energy inside a 12 meters long tunnel, and have fun with a simulation of earth quake.






Let’s enjoy watching short films with exciting music to communicate the situations of energy on this planet.