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2nd Floor: History and Background of Science and Technology



Immerse in the history of science and technology, the origin of human being, and get excited with multimedia in tunnel presenting the story of human power towards nature both creative and destroy.


The Origin of mankind
The exhibition presents history and scientific discovery and scientist’s opinion towards our delicate world.









Fun Science (for children at age 3-10 years)

Enjoy learning and playing with a foundation of science and natural science around us through colourful work pieces. The activity stimulates little children to do experiments and get new scientific knowledge.







Science Playground

A free zone feels like a home with close taking care of parents for children at age 3--5 years to carry out their experiments, find out toys themselves, have fun with wall climbing or constructing various shapes.


Fun Science Room

Children at age 6-10 years will enjoy playing science work pieces with parents and get experience themselves.






Driving Test

Have a driving test to improve your sense of visual and brain reaction.







Fun with Materials Around Us

Learn the properties of materials around us such as metal, plastics, wood, fabric and leather.








An exhibition stimulates the use of resources worthwhile.