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1st Floor: Reception and Introduction to Science Museum

Get to known Science Museum with a model of museum building and easy understanding information, history of pioneer scientists, an exhibition on electricity and many attractive permanent exhibitions. NSM also provides facilities and services on the 1st floor for visitors. 

Model of 3 Cubic Shapes Science Museum, The 3 leaning cubic shapes building is an outstanding modern architecture of NSM simply called “Cubic Building”. 



History of Pioneer Scientists presents the world class scientists’ history and their great discovery which has been beneficial for mankind.


Electricity Exhibition, learn and understand in the story of electricity as a natural phenomenon and energy which human has utilized it and cannot live without it.


Science Show Stadium is designed to feel relaxed and entertaining the audience to see the shows comfortably.






Science Dome is designed to be a dome-shaped cinema to show the astronomical films and delivery of lectures.


Reception and Introduction:
Audience is welcome with an introduction to exhibitions, facilities and services in the museum for your impressive visiting and experience.