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4th Floor: Science and Technology in Thailand

Unravel the current affairs of Thailand in exhibitions on geography, weather, climate change, building and construction, geology, satellite technology and an agricultural way with happiness. 


Experience in weather atmosphere, seasons, theory of universe birth, the sun and its effects to weather atmosphere, cloud, wind, storm and weather forecasting.









Fun with exploring the cause of seasons with a model of the world.

Climate Change

Find out the cause and effect of climate change and greenhouse effect and making a campaign of preventing those phenomena.







Change the World with Our Hands

Turn a global model to observe the amount of carbon dioxide produced by each country and communicate to everyone to help changing this planet (both positive and negative).  


Structures and Construction

Enjoy an experiment to understand the structure of building such as dam, building and bridge including traditional Thai house in each region with their unique due to different weather and landscape. 






A Construction Simulation

Have a playful time and creativity in simulating the building structure by yourself with artificial bricks.


Explore the geology areas in regions of Thailand, analyze the birth of each rock, and learn the development of geology and its benefit. 


Meet A Famous Thai Geologist

A sculpture of Arjan Warawut Sutteetorn, a Thai pioneer geologist who discovers Dinosaur fossils in Thailand.   







Satellite Technology

Understand the progress of satellite technology and its benefit as well as types of satellite using in Thailand.    

Images of Bangkok from big satellite

Satellite operations enable us to collect many overall images of vast landscape and many various applying.

Agricultural Ways with Happiness

Enjoy learning in agricultural practice without chemical substances as well as farming which use technology. 


Uncle Tree

Learn the origin and growth of giant trees giving shading to the world.