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The Natural History Museum (NHM) at the National Science Museum, Thailand (NSM) is to be a prominent research center of natural science, explore specimens and collections, and disseminate knowledge of natural science for Thailand and other countries through exhibitions and galleries.

The Natural History Museum displays knowledge about the evolution of life and the diversity of living creatures ranging from single cell organisms to the animal kingdom. Life sized models of all kinds of plants and animals with a particular focus on the species found in Thailand. The museum also preserves a large collection of specimens from nature and serves as the country’s center of reference for taxonomy and biodiversity research.


Our background:

NHM was established in 1995 to be a center of natural science research of Thailand and other nearby countries. It has also played a key role as an exhibition center for biodiversity which presents the content of origin of the world, and all evolving of living organisms in order to maintain our biodiversity.

The museum is located in a two-storey building with an area of 3,000 square meters. Its area of 236 square meters is allocated into three zones for offices, laboratories, library and control room. The area of 1,547 square meters is allocated for exhibitions and galleries, 1,000 square meters for permanent exhibitions, revolving exhibitions and 574 square meters for collections.

In addition, the museum provides a learning resource in 1,200 square meters for dry specimens and wet specimens’ collection. The museum begun its first collection with a set of birds and mammal specimens contributed significantly by Dr.Boonson Lekagul, a Thai medical doctor and a set of fish, amphibian, reptile and invertebrate specimens contributed by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research. To date, it has begun to collect specimens of plants and animals by their own.

Our Highlight
• Pre-historic park of Thailand
• Animal horn gallery
• Animal kingdom gallery
• Stuffed animal collections