About Us


Introducing NSM

The National Science Museum, Thailand (NSM) is a group of science based museums established in honour of Queen Sirikit’s 60th Birthday.

 As an agent of the Ministry of Science and Technology, NSM’s first museum, The Science Museum was opened in 2000 in Pathum Thani’s iconic ‘cube building’. Over time, we have grown and continue to do so, with The Natural History Museum and The Information Technology Museum on our main campus and with more museums on the way. In 2009 NSM Science Square was opened in the heart of Bangkok. NSM also supports and consults many other museums and learning centres across Thailand and some of its neighbouring countries. Leading at the forefront of science communication in South East Asia we are committed to making science accessible for everyone.


What we do

As well as all the visitors to our museums, NSM meets millions of students each year through outreach and in-house programmes; sleepovers at the museum for Science Camps, a range of ScienceShows and Labs are expertly delivered, eye-opening experiences in astronomy are available the Science Dome and our much loved Science Caravan which brings NSM to schools in the many regions of Thailand. NSM also hosts an array of activities, training and seminars for teachers, educators, scientists, researchers and other museum professionals, for both national and international events. 

NSM is focused on presenting relevant science-based experiences for people of all ages and in as many places as possible, in order to enhance understanding and promote enjoyment – helping develop a community of citizens who value science, its role in individual lives and in the development of the Nation.


National Events

Working with partners, NSM organises a number of annual events such as Science Avenue, Science is Out There and the Science Film Festival. The National Science and Technology Fair is a science event highlighting science in Thailand and beyond, routinely reaching over 1 million people in just a few weeks.


Research and Collections

As a National institution for museums in science and technology NSM research branches into many fields and works with many institutes and researchers. However we have particular two niche areas of research; science communication and the natural history and biodiversity of Thailand.



The NSM team is excited to meet you

Please come and visit us or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get involved.


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