National Science Fair and Techno Mart 2023 Kick Off at Impact Mueng Thong Thani and Bangkok Art and Culture Center with Advanced Science Exhibits

National Science Fair and Techno Mart 2023 Kick Off at Impact Mueng Thong Thani and Bangkok Art and Culture Center with Advanced Science Exhibits



National Science Fair and Techno Mart 2023, two national science and technology events, have been held with a theme of “For Bright and Creative Generations” by Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI) to unveil advanced science, technology, innovation, and research products initiated by MHESI’s agencies, domestic and international networking agencies. The exhibits have presented their research outcomes which have served the BCG Model (bioeconomy, circular economy, and green economy) to move forward the sustainable Thai’s economy and society.  Teachers and students whose outstanding science projects have received the Prime Minister’s Science Award 2023 in the opening ceremony. 


Mr.Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister has presided over the National Science Fair and Techno Mart 2023 with a theme of “For Bright and Creative Generations” on August 11, 2023 at Impact Muang Thong Thani. Prof. Dr. Anek Laothamatus, MHESI minister, Prof.Dr.Sirirurg Songsivilai, MHESI permanent secretary and Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Rawivongse, National Science Museum president have joined in the opening ceremony.


Mr. Don Pramudwinai said “the Thai government has supported the consecutive events of National Science Fair 2023 and Techno and Innovation Mart 2023 to promote learning and creating inspiration of science, technology, and innovation (STI) towards all walks of life in the Thai society. The government has realized that science, technology, and innovation have played their vitality in country’s development. It has expected Thai people will increase their skills and knowledge that keep up with the changes and impacts of technology affecting to societies both now and in the future. The government has attempted to encourage people to learn in all dimensions without any restrictions to access knowledge bases that are not limited to learning in schools or universities only.  The world in the future will be a wide world with wide range of knowledge that everyone can learn without borders, STI as a fundamental knowledge of Thai people would be integrated into both formal classrooms and extra circular classrooms in all levels of education. The government has addressed on “education and learning approaches for all Thais” to link all driving forces and related organizations to all walks of life and life time.”


Mr. Don Pramudwinai has given his congratulations and appreciation to the youth and the teachers whom awarded the Prime Minister’s Science Awards 2023 and said that they will be an important role model who achieved success in STI and will inspire others to do so.


Prof.Dr.Anek Laothamatus, MHESI minister said “MHESI by National Science Museum has organized the consecutive National Science Fair as the largest science and technology event in this country. It aims to develop the Thai society to be a learning society and recognize the importance of science and technology for country development, and to honor and memorize King Mongkut Rama IV as “Father of Thai Science”, HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great as “Father of Thai Technology” and HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochachaoyuhua, and royal family members for their contributions to STI and science education in Thailand.”

He said “the 2023 National Science Fair has been held under an association of 113 public and private organizations, associations, foundations and 8 foreign organizations from Australia, China, Denmark, France, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, and Thai foreign affiliates with a theme of “For Bright and Creative Generations”. The Science Fair will promote creative thinking on STI integrated into art creativity to drive and develop creative and sustainable economy which is in line with the country’s policy on the BCG economic model.  Another big event held by MHESI this year is Techno and Innovation Mart 2023 with a concept of “BCG transforming Thailand towards value-creating economy society and moving forward with sustainable approaches.”  The event has presented research results that show off the potential of Thai people to the public for trading as well as being an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet with researchers to exchange new knowledge and ideas as a guideline for driving the BCG model economic policy, and we expect that all those research results will be utilized for more developing.”

“Both of these events are important stages for showing scientific works through exhibitions and they will display the research that have potentials to be traded as well as providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and researches to exchange new ideas and knowledge each other.”  Prof.Dr Anek added.


The interesting exhibitions in the events are “Deadly Traps” (rare predatory plants from around the world are included and bring you to find out answers and enter a mysterious land of wonderful cycle of plants), “Beauty and the Beat’ ( an exhibit that visitors can understand beauty through science and continue to STEM career which will unlock the secrets of aging and beauty), “On the Stage of Extinction” (observe examples of extinct or believed to be animals, lone of largest collection of life and stuffed animals that may not have been seen in real life, such as Princess Sirindhorn Bird, Himalayan brown vulture, Saman, Kupree, giant saw fish, Thai firetail fish, Phitsanulok clams), “ Fascination of Filmmaking” (explore the world of movies from the first short film to the world’s most influential entertainment industry, to raise awareness of the importance of movies as  a medium that can spark the imagination and inspire people. The exhibit will promote further expansion movie industry in the future), “Secret of Thai Flavors” (the exhibit attempts to present that Thailand is one of world’s famous and delicious food country. You will understand the importance of Thai food and its potential to become the kitchen of the world. Thai food industry can create economic value and produce quality food to meet the needs of growing world population).  


The National Science Fair 2023 has been held during August 11-20, 2023 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Building 9-11 and 17-20 and on 17-20 at Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The Techno and Innovation Mart 2023 has been held during August 11-15, 2023 at Impact Muang Thong Thani, Building 12. For more details or making group reservation, please contact Tel: 0-2577-9960 or follow us at or Facebook: NSTFair Thailand and  Facebook Fanpage : TechnoMart-TH