Gen.Surayud Recaps “42th San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai” Project to Create Power of New Generation for Community Development

Gen.Surayud Recaps “42th San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai” Project to Create Power of New Generation for Community Development


General Surayud Chulanont, president of “San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai” Foundation or “Bringing Thai Hearts to the Heart of the Southern People” recapped the 42th San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai project, in a closing ceremony on May 15, 2024 at Rama 9 Museum, National Science Museum (NSM), Klong 5, Pathum Thani. Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Raviwongse, NSM president and Ms.Sunee Lertpeantham, chief of General Inspector, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), Mr. Aree Wong Araya, chairman of executive Board of the Foundation and Pol.Lieutenant Athit Bunyasophat, secretary of the Foundation, joined the ceremony with 320 youth groups from 5 provinces in the southern border provinces.



Gen. Surayud Chulanont said “San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai” Project” initiated by Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda; former president of the privy council and statesman, is to unite the power of the nation for providing opportunities, and creating good attitude and experiences towards the country among youth groups living in the southern border provinces. The project has delivered them a useful variety of activities and a short-term staying with host families. The youth participated in the project have learned new experiences, and have explored and analyzed themselves on different attitudes, believes and understanding with others led to a change in perspectives and better ways of living. They could bring useful thoughts and knowledge from the project to develop themselves to be a leader, good person, diligent, considerate, and helpful citizens to the Thai society. Those will create a future power of the new generation of the Thai society.”


Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Raviwongse, NSM president said “A mission of MHESI is to be a lifelong learning resource of the country which aims to expose Thai youth and people to knowledge of updating science and technology, and be aware of the importance of nature and environment as well as scientific wisdom.  The arranging of a bootcamp on science for the 42th San Jai Thai Su Jai Tai has encouraged the youth get drenched and have some fun in new learning and inspiration on science through a variety of activities in 4 NSM museums. They also got new experience in living together in a multi-culture society for creating a future harmony and peaceful society.”


“Ms.Supamas Issaraphakdi, MHESI minister previously mentioned about the project that it is a way to promote abilities of the Thai youth through learning activities and scientific experiences. The project has stimulated a critical thinking process and problem solving. The youth could apply the knowledge gained in their daily lives to develop their potentials and readiness for communities in the southern border provinces. It has created forces for sustainable prosperity of the country.” Prof.Rawin said.