2023 National Children Day at “Science Avenue” opens now with A Theme: Kid Science: World Creativity

2023 National Children Day at “Science Avenue” opens now with A Theme: Kid Science: World Creativity


“2023 Science Avenue” has been organized for the National Children Day at NSM Science Square @ the Street Ratchada by Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESRI), by National Science Museum (NSM) in association with public and private alliance institutions. It has been held under a theme: Kids Science: World Creativity which is in accordance with the Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-o-cha’s slogan- “Know your responsibility, be disciplined and perform good deeds”.  In the opening ceremony, Dr.Danuch Tanterdtid, secretary to MHESRI Minister has presided over the 2023 Science Avenue with Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Raviwongse, NSM director and Mr.Pongsak Nuntawannakul, managing director, the Street Ratchada Mall. The audience of the event will enjoy the Science Avenue with science games in science stations, science activities and get amazed with science exhibitions both in on-site and on-line activities.


Dr.Danuch Tanterdtid said “MHESRI has focused on the strengthening of Thai children, youth and people to learn science with plenty of joy and contents. Therefore, “Science Avenue” for the 2023 National Children is another primary activity emphasizing on cultivating science, technology, and innovation potentials in childhood groups. The child participants will be introduced to have scientific a thinking process which is a foundation of knowledge-based or reason-based society. They will get an inspiration to seek, learn and understand themselves how to link and apply science to other areas for creative inventions. The 2023 Science Avenue has re-organized after the interruption of COVID-19 situation, under the theme: Kids Science: World Creativity. In this year we have invited more 30,000 students to join the event, and extend the activities to out-reach 100 schools nationwide by using our science medias which will encourage the children to  have joyful activities at the same moment”.      


Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Raviwongse, NSM director said “NSM has prepared 20 science stations in the 2023 Science Avenue at NSM Science Square @the Street Ratchada. The highlights of event are: adventure in astronomy world with 4-meter planetarium, a variety of fun astronomy game, little astronomy engineer, creative thinking with satellite design and invention, glow in the dark activity or fluorescent lab, inspiration with integration of art and science. In the meantime, NSM has also offered 40 science stations at NSM, Klong 5, Pathum Thani with many interesting activities, for example, adventure in cubic building with P’Marthy with application NSM:AR, meeting with BG club Pathum United football team to inspire children to be a professional football player. For other regions, NSM has also offered many activities at 2 locations-NSM Science Square@Chiang Mai on January 14th and NSM Science Sqare@Korat on January 14th-15th.  Nevertheless, anyone who wish to join those activities via an online platform, NSM is pleased to offer activities on Facebook: ScienceAvenue”.


Mr.Pongsak Nuntawannakul, managing director, the Street Ratchada mall said “as the host of premises, we are ready to serve children and parents joining the Science Avenue with facilities. We are pleased to see them enjoy with many creative science activities and get high inspiration. Moreover, the event will create colourful moment for our customers and help to respond the needs of our new groups of customers. Since the Street Ratchada has offered happy and enjoyable premises to stay together for every member of family.”


The audience can follow NSM activities via social media on Facebok:Science Avenue