CanSat World Champion, AC Students Meet MHESI Minister

CanSat World Champion, AC Students Meet MHESI Minister


The CanSat is a real satellite with the volume and shape of a soft drink can. The challenge of the participants of the competition is to build the small satellite and launch it to an attitude of up to 700 meters. The success of mission afterwards is analyzed by data. The 2022 CanSat Competition was held during June 9-12, 2022. The Descendere team of AC students won the championship with 86.2185 scores from participants of international 49 teams around the world. This has made a great proud success of Thai youth in the world arena.   

Prof.Dr.Anek Laothamatas, minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation-MHESI had a meeting with a group of Assumption College students as the winner of Annual CanSat Competition 2022 at Virginia  Tech, Blackburg, VA, on July 20, 2022; at Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. The AC student team was led by Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Raviwongse, National Science Museum-NSM president and Brother Dr. Arwut Silaked, director, Assumption College-AC.



Prof.Anek Laothamatas, MHESI minister gave his congratulations to the AC student team and teachers and said “to utilize value or benefit of science and technology, the AC college can adapt the knowledge gained from the competition and transfer it to students with highest benefit. The reach of world championship is like a reform of our education to keep up with the world and future development. Do not stop development or be satisfied only this step. Science must move forward.”

Asst.Prof.Rawin Raviwongse, NSM president said “NSM has supported the CanSat competition continuously to promote a learning of space technology and satellite technology through learning by doing. NSM has integrated STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) approach in developing CanSat to develop our youth’s skills and their inspiration to learn about space technology and satellite technology. The aim is to promote their further study and development of our indigenous technology and innovation. In addition, The CanSat winning is like a step of our future country’s manpower development.”

Brother Dr. Arwut Silaked, AC director said “The AC student team has devoted themselves for CanSat for a long period and was supported by their senior students in this field. Up to date, AC has developed its learning and teaching system by integrating theories and application and focusing on developing the AC to be a learning center of space and aviation of secondary education level as well.”