Nature Inspiration at Wang Takhrai National Park in Junior Naturalist Project

Nature Inspiration at Wang Takhrai National Park in Junior Naturalist Project


A Junior Naturalist project held by National Science Museum (NSM) and Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation on November, 11, 2022 at Wang Takhrait National Park, Nakhon Nayok encouraged youth groups to learn and investigate organisms in nature with a team of NSM naturalists. The project inspired the young participants to get more knowledge and interest in nature science.


Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Ravivongse, director, NSM said “The Junior  Naturalist” project has been continually arranged to cultivate learning in natural history with our naturalists during vacations. This year, NSM has cooperated Chumpot-Pantip Foundation to arrange the Junior Naturalist on November 11th at Wang Takhrait National Park, Nakhon Nayok. We have 50 young people participate in the project to learn and investigate natural organisms with NSM naturalists working in the areas of plants, fish, insects, reptiles, and other physical factors. The project has inspired them to have more attention to natural history in the future.”


Assoc.Prof.Dr. M.L. Pinitbhand Paribatra, committee, Chumpot-Pantip Foundation said “As a charitable organization focusing on social development, enhancing technical knowledges in various areas, as well as promoting the quality of life in society for the public benefit of youth and people in this country, we have allocated Wang Takhrait National Park, a place under The Foundation’s supporting, where actually is a public recreation and a botany research place of natural science to support this event. The objective of the “The Junior Naturalist” has met the objectives of the Foundation which intends to support activities related to conservation of nature and environment. Therefore, the Foundation is pleased to cooperate with NSM to encourage our youth and children to get more experience with extra-curricular activities held by NSM, and stimulate them to pay more attention to our environment and organism resources.”