Lose Yourself in Fascinating Science Exhibition and Science Riddle at NSM Science Square

Lose Yourself in Fascinating Science Exhibition and Science Riddle at NSM Science Square


An exhibition entitled ‘Fascinating Science” has been held, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Thai-Australia diplomatic relation in September 2022 at NSM Science Square, the Street Mall Ratchada, Bangkok, by Australian Embassy and National Science Museum (NSM). The exhibition presents a variety of fun science riddles to increase your daily trouble shooting skills with easy scientific understanding.  


Dr. Ganigar Chen, NSM vice president said “the Fascination Science Exhibit has been designed to be a hands-on exhibit for convenient rotation and elsewhere shows. It has encouraged the audience to learn science with fun and can figure out the solutions themselves through scientific thinking process. The exhibit will invite the audience to explore many amazing answers and real experience which have never learned in classroom. The Fascination Science Exhibit presents 24 science riddles in our daily life, for instance:

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- A Maze: can you control the direction of ball by holding the ball back and forth to keep the ball moving to the hole?
- Balancing Balls: can you balance each steel ball to be on the edge of each side at the same time?
- Blackout: do you guess what colour is panted inside the box.? When you look through the hole and slide the panel up and look through the hole again, will the colour inside the box change from the original?  


- Crazy Cube: if you connect the 3- D dice from the seven block pieces, can they be connected into different shapes?
- Pyramid Puzzle: build your pyramid using a spatial puzzle which tests your ability to construct three-dimensional shapes. 


Moreover, NSM Science Square has brought to you many other enjoyable and attractive exhibits and extracurricular activities as usual.”


Ms. Jane Racancoj, Counselor of Political and Economic Affairs, the Australian Embassy in Thailand said “on the 70th anniversary of Thai-Australia diplomatic relation, the Australian Embassy in association with Questacon (National Science and Technology Center) Australia and NSM are proud to present the Fascination Science in Thailand. Prior to this, the exhibit has been arranged in the 2022 National Science and Technology Fair with high response from the audience. Then we have decided to further offer it for the other groups of audience at NSM Science Square, the Street Ratchada.  The aim is to provide the amazing science show and riddles continuously for children and youth at 8-14 of age. We are confident that the Thai society will certainly absorb and enjoy the science riddle shows.” 


The audience can join the Fascinating Science Exhibit with free admission from now till the end of September at the 5th FL, NSM Science Square, the Street Ratchada, Bangkok. The NSM Science Square opens daily from 10.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m. For more details, please call NSM at Tel: 0 2577 9970