NSM and NARIT To extend Science square to Khon Kaean

NSM and NARIT To extend Science square to Khon Kaean


on April 24, 2024, Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin Rawivongse, president, National Science Museum (NSM) visited at Princess Sirindhorn Astopark, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT), to follow up on expanding learning opportunities through “NSM Science Square” at regional level. The aim of the project is to create cooperation with the communities in transferring knowledge of science and technology to youth, and strengthening local communities.



 Asst.Prof.Dr.Rawin revealed that NSM Science Square in Chieng Mai is 1 of 3 regional NSM learning centers extending to regional parts of Thailand, which not only help to reduce inequality of learning, but also help the Thai youth groups in various regions to access more scientific learning resources. In doing so, it has also responded to minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Ms.Supamas Issaraphakdi’s policy who always emphasizes the extending of learning access to reduce inequality of youth in outreach areas, and  delivering quality science resources close to their areas. In addition, it will encourage local people to have an easy access in science, technology, and innovation (SAT) knowledge without high cost of travelling. NSM Science Square, Chiang Mai, has been run under cooperation with NARIT for the 4th year and has become a popular SAT learning and attracting center with more than 430,000 visitors. This reflects an impressive respond to NSM. In this regard, NSM is committed to developing, improving, and expanding more services, activities, and exhibitions of NSM Square, Chiang Mai to respond and accommodate increasing number of visitors and various needs. We aim to develop it to be the best SAT learning source of the northern region.


“Importantly, NSM and NARIT will collaborate to create a new NSM Science Square located in Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen province in the late 2024. The project is challenging since its location is not in the city and easy -access community like in Chiang Mai. Since Nam Phong is located on Ubonrat Dam, 40 kilometers far from urban. NSM must work harder to attract schools and local communities to join and learn, or to be our partners in developing scientific learning resource for extracurricular classrooms.  NSM has uphold this since we believe that science is a matter for every child, and our attempt will help encourage the Thai society to apply more science for national development.” said Prof. Rawin.


Dr.Sarun Posayachinda director, NARIT said “the regional astronomy observation in Khon Kaen has been trial opening since November, 2023, and will be officially opened on December 19, 2024. I would like to thank Prof.Rawin for his assistance about Science Square. Though NARIT has its expertise on astronomy, but in terms of scientific exhibition and activities, we need NSM to make it more completely.  It is obvious that Sirindhorn Astropark in Chiang Mai has had more hundreds of visitors each year, and becomes one of high popular science attraction, besides in Bangkok and metropolitan areas.”  


 ‘NSM and NARIT has collaborated to create Khon Kean Astronomy Observatory to be a scientific learning resource as Science Square.  It is adjacent to Nam Phong National Park, Phu Kao-Phu Phan Kham National Park, and Phu Wiang National Park, on the north, south and west of Ubonrat Dam. Those areas will create a connecting path between NARIT, NSM and the 3 National Parks. When the people visit there, they will be able to observe and join our services in comprehensive cycle. It is a collaboration where the people can get highest benefit.” Dr.Sarun said.